The 'ME' in Team

It's the age old saying, there's no 'I' in team...

However in 2020 I had to find the ME in team as along with the rest of the country, my personal little world of balloons, partyware and fancy dress got given a right old shake up.

Within the first week of the pandemic the landlord on Godalming High Street gave me the hike and I had to send my entire staff team home, not knowing when I would see them again.

Being a mum of two small girls I also quickly gained them home, this is a story we've heard across the board on so many different levels for nearly two years now.

However HOPE was found, I managed to relocate myself to Hambledon, adjust the business to a form of online ordering and delivery's and quickly became known as your local 'Balloon Fairy' as sometimes you'd have me on your doorstep 10pm at night.

I made it work, determined not to be beaten by what restrictions, tiers or simply being totally knackered! I've been pretty much working 7 days a week since it all began.

It was always joked amongst the team that I was the most part time member of staff as I was always more behind the scenes then at the for-front of it all, unfortunately I was left with no choice but to do it all, not knowing how we would survive I had to loose the team...still the hardest thing I've had to do to this date.

Thankfully everyone found jobs quickly and are still open to popping by and helping me out when I very much need it, so very grateful we had the time we had and built the foundations of the business.

2020 was about survival and 2021 was about adjusting, The Godalming Party Company has become something totally different to what it was on the High Street, no more fancy dress - Amazon took that one from us, but I've kept strong & creative on balloons and partyware.

The success of a party in a box and some incredible displays have let my imagination thrive and go places I wasn't even sure I knew I could reach.

It also made me realise I LOVE what I do, making the smiles on any birthday morning when the sky's are grey is a true privilege and one I hope to continue to do for years.